Thursday, January 03, 2008

snappy new ears to you all

despite being an arbitory line in the flow of time i am somewhat releived to see 2007 pass, i feel so much more confident about 2008, as my charkras come into alignment and my aura heals.
im reading alan de botans book, essays in love' fantastic reading, very funny, very true.

i did have a very vivid dream that i found revealing.
i was with some musicians practicing for the live shows, there was a beautiful natural looking girl, natures golden child who carried a drum stick, she grabbed my hand and led me outside into a forest and she told me about the magick drumstick. 'this drum sounds good on anything' she said, 'on the ground' she started to beat the ground and true enough it did sound good, 'it sounds good on trees' and sure enough on the trees its sounded great. then she listed a whole bunch of stuff, 'animal skins' bones, rocks but best of all it sounds good on the sun.'
she hit the sun with the stick and light fell down on us showering us and we danced in it happy and joyous.

beautiful dream

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Imber said...

Hi Captain Mission!
Great to meet another Church fan!