Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2008 so far, year of sex.
im reading again, start lightly with the dexter series, a serial killer whith a difference, very well written and entertaining, so far i've read the set, excellent.
had some guests staying, was nice but its nice to be solo again, starting to think about the cd again after a long break, i have a few ideas for fine tuning and i also want to redo vocals on some songs.
my sadness is still lingering, but i know in my processing i have reached a conclusive train of thought that meredith and i will never see one another again. certaintity brings peace.
im listening to a great song called angel by a guy called gavin friday, its on the romeo and juliet soundtrack and its the type of song i describe as perfect, theres not many perfect songs but angel is a classic. its somewhat u2 ish when they were experimental and breaking the rock band label, but its alos just a nice vibe.
my friend the proff. is travelling through blade runner territory, hong kong, although the proff. is way ahead of blade runner time, he's in the 30th century.

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