Thursday, December 02, 2021

we are deep in the simulation
on the verge of something new
despite all this fascination with 
the disappointing truth
an underground super collider
an overground god machine
technology has us by the balls and 
it is not going to set us free

i recommended 'when we cease to understand the world ' to a friend who absolutely hated it, he said his hero's, the scientists mentioned in the book were degraded and exploited by the author. he said it was repulsive. he certainly didn't mince words.
i took a moment and reminded him it was fiction but he continued as though the writer had transgressed some kind of code about deconstruction and post modernism. 
it's fiction, i said again but to no avail. i endured a barrage of opinion and apologised for recommending it, then he said, 'keep recommending books to me though.'
mmm, well i may just suggest 'william burroughs' next. 

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