Thursday, July 15, 2021


the spice must flow

i never read dune as a kid, although i had enjoyed almost all the other sci fi classics. dune somehow had slipped through the keeper and although i had two attempts knew i was not really ready for it. it's funny when that happens, intuitively i know when i need to wait before i read a book, sometimes it's decades. 
so the new film is being made by denis villenuve a dirctor i have always loved since seeing incinderies in 2010. the fact he is even considering an epic as dune does make a strange kind of logic when you think of his body of work. 
so as looked at the books i had yet to read i chose a few but it was dune that ended up in my travelling bag. i took it with me, yet it was only on my flight back i began to read it.
i'm still into it, 
it's incredible, i understand what the fuss was all about. it's a perfect plot, brilliant characters and a perfect example of world building, comparable with lord of the rings although a completely different concept. 

i did see david lynch's version, the short one and the redux 3 hour cut. it was sketchy, as was the tv series which at least serialized the second book as well. the tv version was written and directed by english sci fi writer john harrison, so it had that going for it.
anyway's back to the book.
i'm loving it, the concept, the ideas are so relevant. an environmental spiritual treatise with political intrigue and subversion. truly a science fiction great.

the spice must flow. 

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