Tuesday, June 01, 2021

i have a new pair of sunglasses, they see the world through a new type of lenses, ultra visionary blue, they work in the fringe spectrums, picking up light that comes from the future. they were constructed on anteries 11 using technology that we would define as impossible and well beyond the laws of known science, yet anterians have a sophisticated quantum science that manipulates light and time, giving them access into the future. obviously technology like this is very difficult to get hold off for an earthbound person, the military have some of this stuff they keep in a place known as area 77, the russian authority also has some but they don't know what it does and the icelandic peoples have some as well but they keep it in an ice cave until they decode the instructions. various indigenous aboriginal cultures have full knowledge of these alien artefacts but they have no use for it and i have heard there is a girl in arizona that also has a pair of these specific uvb glasses but she is mute so it looks like i am the only other human with this technology.
like all my wetware it's an established protocol i use in stealth, a sort of remote viewing time travel mixture. not just the future but also past events. unfortunately i cannot intervene due to various temporal consequences but i can observe. 
last night i self administered the ritual in preparation for the experience, laborious and somewhat arcane, it's funny how future alien tech requires such an anomaly such as ritual and vibration to prepare for it's use. the glasses themselves just appear like sunglasses but the eye's relationship to them changes when the rites are completed.
so hacked in evb i got a fix upon a few new things happening over the horizon, not for disclosure but somewhat concerning. i guess all i can say is humans still navigate through the moral maze while adapting to confirmation biases and their own attachment to whatever foolish thing they have invested in. 

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