Monday, February 06, 2017

the hottest night and not in a good way, way to hot for clothes, sheets i lay naked on my bed under the fan which is on high speed and manages to push hot air downwards, so not much relief, it's impossible to sleep. 
i've had a big night, city rendezvous with val and olga for hash cookies dinner and ice cream and our usual ramble through the strange worlds, but the hash cookie has been over cooked in the heat, it's burning up my blood stream, frying my neurones. 
laying on my bed i have already drunk two litres of mineral water and immediately sweated it right out. when i stand up it's like walking through molasses as i make my way downstairs for some relief, i open the fridge door and want to climb in.
we used to get days like this in the late eighties and early nineties and they were glorious because around evening the southerly would kick in and a cooling wind would blow in, great for beers on the balcony, an evening meal and some friends to sit back with and share a joint, these days the change don't come. it just remains oppressive. i drip all over the place, no relief from this, no where to go except the car which has incredible air con. 
i throw on a pair of shorts and nothing else, take the module down to the beach, in a few hours the sun will rise. 
i wake up in front of pure brilliant orange and red as the flame burns through space and refracts off the water, the sunrise offers no respite but the water does.
surf conditions are immaculate, wave structures form for me, as i swim out, fin in hand. the heat fatigue fades, the cool joy of bliss  explodes in my heart. catch waves, ride waves, banish everything, except the wave, zen moments bring elegant satori. 

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