Wednesday, November 05, 2008

im walking through babylon, its packed for some inexplicable reason, cars everywhere, people running around like crazy, i notice a familiar car drive past, it's a friend, a huge giant of a man, one of Australia's leading barristers whom i have known for many years, we have an unusual friendship that began in a strange cult we experienced (more of that later)
it's an incongruous friendship that puzzles people greatly, tim is a giant in stature as well as huge in presence. he's the most switched on man i know but his years in the business of human law has made him see reality of society as less than animal, for which i am in agreement especially dealing with the legal system. however we both fall prey to it's chaos but are smart enough to play with it rather than invest in it.
tim is my equal, he needs my spirit for his own liberation and i need his experience for my soul. its a deal we made several lifetimes ago when we faced certain death together. out tormenters wanted our fear but we gave them slap stick instead. both died laughing.
anyways he drives past again, looking for a car space. i jump inside his car, to bring him parking prosperity, (if only i could bottle it) we park up almost immediately and he asks me what I'm doing. its the melbourne cup apparently this is some kind of big horse race. tim says, i should come with him for lunch.
being somewhat in the moment of things i agree.
we go and have a coffee together, on the way we meet the local butcher who has always been a total jerk to me when i have gone in for bones for pan. however in tim's company everyone has a new found respect for me, including the Butcher of Babylon. He offers us a tip, put your money on 'Viewed' he says.
An hour later i'm driving Tim into the city, we are both dressed up with our hats on chatting about laws, police, girls, the amazon, wealth creation and belief patterns.
We park in a car park with valet parking, this means some one drives your car away and you don't have to worry about it at all, they even keep the keys. I've never had valet parking before so its a bit of a novelty, tim finds it highly amusing.
Then we walk to the restaurant across the road, only this is not a restaurant, its some sort of exclusive strip club.
okay now normal reality melts away, in fact its stripped away and the clocks melt, the lights low, the exotic mysterious half naked women start to drift towards us. female flesh is coming outta the shadows, the smell is almost overwhelming, it's like an opium narcotic that smothers and drowns you silently with its terminal kiss. these girls are gorgeous perfect creatures who are super friendly to tim and by proxy me. they must think i'm some sort of playboy millionaire. the place is not packed there's a handful of men in there, the rest are just women, dressed in exotic costumes if anything, some of these girls have plastic perfection some imperfect perfection, they are all very beautiful. i imagine that this is where the assassins where shown the afterlife that awaits them. to live like this is pure bliss but as the strippers began tim said to me in his very certain way, 'this is all an illusion' to which i replied, 'yes but given the choice of illusions, this is one that works for me.'
it was a decedent moment, and a decedent afternoon and a decedent evening. we watched the girls do their dances and then were lured away by three feline creatures who offered us pleasure and tantalizing treats of the flesh while we chatted quite normal conversational matter. tim's getting increasingly wasted as these amazonian women slithered all over us like snakes, honestly, i had no idea where to put my hands. they were like on remote control, spiraling around in circles, but never committing to anywhere specific. we were in there for hours, it took me back to the days of the airport strip club in toronto where i basically lived.
when i did emerge tim and the girls went one way i went another. the bill came to $5000 an obscene amount of money. but tim has an interesting relationship to money, its one that works and its something i want to learn.
he rang me 48 hours later and told me he was still in the city.
we will debreif later in the week.

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