Thursday, November 22, 2007

im pottering around at home, my mood low, angel stone picks me up to take me to the city where i buy two charles stross books from galaxy bookshop, the sci fi bookshop. i eturn home, potter around. i'm feeling sad and lonely today, im vunerable and sensitive.

the ultimate magick, to command love,
yet is it love if it is under command?

the best answer gets a prize


Anonymous said...

and if you only get a single answer does it automatically become the best answer and win the prize?

captain mission said...

no. becuase my friend you have not considered the possibility of tme. at the moment i get maybe 1 comment on average but as captain mission begins to generate more exposure numbers may incrtease to at least, 3 err call it wishful thinking.... I think in the intrests of those 'two' potential answers i am obligated to wait at least until three answers are posted :)

However if your smart and thinking outside the box, you could possibly post three different answers yourself thus guaranteeing yourself the prize.