Tuesday, February 16, 2021

fuck walt disney, what a bunch of nasty hypocrites cancelling gina carano for her social media post. it was not racist it was smart and intelligent, suggesting hate and division effects the way people understand one another. it was a warning suggesting that the current age of cancellation, vilifying people who think differently or have an alternative view can result in totalitarian society where children grow up hating the other, be it hindu, muslim, christian or in this case jew. the left proves time after time it is misogynistic because it went after gina and not her co star whom did the same thing but he is a man. disney prove they are racist hypocrites because they bend over backwards to thank the chinese communist party for mulan, yet that party actually has a million muslims in camps, they sterilize the women and organ harvest the rest. pretty close to the nazi camps when you think about it without the gas. so disney cosies up to those bastards but cancels a woman for saying, 'be nice.' perhaps the fucking idiots need to wake up to themselves, because left wing cancel morons, disney himself was a anti semitic nazi whom exploited his talent and stole their ideas. 

the problem is people are so invested in being, 'woke' or 'left' they are frightened about speaking the truth. companies now trawl through social media looking for a reason to fire people especially if you are not a left wing zombie. i am getting older now and although i started out with socialist humanist ideals, the more time i spend in the world the more i can't stand the left. they turned out to be the fascist right and they are winning, because anyone whom disagrees is cancelled. it's absurd and will end in tears. 

i don't mind being cancelled, in fact i rather be with the cancelled than the cancellers. they cancelled me in china, this blog is banned so i am already in good company

Sunday, February 14, 2021

the great unveiling today, a new bathroom, wow it looks amazing, i've moved some plants in there over the bathing area to give it a jungle like feel, some scented candles and aroma theraphy stuff, float tank bliss.
yesterday was a rain soaked wash out, the garden grows even wilder, jungle within, jungle without let it happen, green goddesses, silver plumed birds, red flowers and sprawling ferns. bromeliads and rubber flame trees, huge palms and banana trees and an elephant ears plant competing against them all. i may transplant that baby, keep it indoors. 
my grass is like corn, it forms a new crop circle design as it collapses inwards. intricate lines cut across the circle and when i look from above the design is an old formula i recognise for a pentagram.  interesting.
birds chirp at dawn, busy they come to the resting place, as do the water dragons and the young native that likes to attack it's reflection. mm that reminds me of someone.
then there's the sun streaming this morning, a new day, valentines day as sunlight filters through the trees, through the fronds and plumes, through the tall grass and bamboo. 
i am rising, i am awake.

Friday, February 12, 2021

new point

ancient light

new light

ancient point

my dream

i was surprised, as i had come to the end of the road

there we were, holding hands

it was the climax

you were in the mouth of a bottomless well

and i clasped you tight and then remembered your words

so i let you go

and upon your face

you wore the look of horror

as the blackness ate you

ancient point

new light

ancient light

new point

Thursday, January 21, 2021

with a week off i arrange the builders to finish off the bathroom, they have a few days and i'm looking at completion for saturday but we will see. tradesman are notoriously unreliable and when a plumber is involved it's anyone's guess but i'm so looking forwards to my float tank. the whole set up is perfect. my drive way is a mess of rubble as is most of my entrance and the house is a shambles as i have had to move everything around chaotically. i'm looking forwards to things going back to simple. 
then my next project will be to update my car, i'm thinking a new one but not sure what to get. money is not an issue so i may get something new but the main factor is i want something that drives along the freeway with ease and speed, something that has a great sound and economy re: petrol, some sort of hybrid. anyway there is no rush my xv has served me well and i'm attached to it but, hell, let's embrace the new seeing as though i am on a roll.
i'm in the second draft of a novel, it's going to be interesting as it  will challenge you and the ending is so outrageous i think you may need to hold on tight.
as usual it's the details that perplex me, i'm an ideas man, a concept generator whereas details are for the patient and meticulous. 
i'm like vishnu, inventing realities, ideas, dreaming up beautiful tales and terrifying journeys that reveal something about. 

all my writing is about this one theme, yet it comes in many different forms, it's a vast subject. how does a human being become liberated in the world of responsibility, chaos and maya. i have the answers but it's a complex path to walk, a path where you can easily deceive yourself and be deceived. a path where at the end of the road waits the devil and she seeks only your corruption to match her own. 
however my battle was with something corrupted and intrinsically 'evil' i could never win only exit. that's what the experience was, an exit from the part of me that i do not ever want to become. 
twin flame. 

Monday, January 18, 2021

 i have to prepare again for cosmic war, the lines have been drawn and i know my place. unfortunately i have to do it all alone as usual but i guess i can't have anyone undermine me again.  i'm not always right but i'm very rarely wrong.  

down at mission control i live amongst chaos as the building work continues, plumbers came in and fixed up the taps, and soon the huge therapeutic bath will be installed, a float tank situation for i will require a safe place from which to conduct myself. there will also be a new cabinet and mirror, lighting and new tiling and a brand new toilet. 
then i can begin the massive clean up and put things back, rearranging them, then the balcony room will be worked upon and then the garage converted. plus i need a new car. so a lot of stuff happening. by feburary i should be finished and by march i will be ready for battle. that's the timeline i am on. 

Friday, January 15, 2021


surrealism infiltration of the arcane novice, the impulsion to order, reality salad. she's disturbingly attractive in her compulsion drive, like a whale to a plankton. i tune in to the signal avoid the noise, the satellites orbit our heads just above the stratosphere but are obscured from ground radar due to deflecting devices installed. these devices were made in a chinese laboratory, annexed to a factory where children of political prisoners are enslaved. they usually last until adolescence then their brain cells are harvested for nefarious experiments with old men in uniforms looking for immortality. some are 100's of years old, others 1000's. 
dr. wu is at least 10000 years old and assisted in the rise of pottery, animal husbandry and mastery of bone flute. it is true that today he still plays the bone flute, more for meditation than artistic pursuits. he is also a master of chi energy and proficient in acupuncture and the human meridian system. 
the impenetrable satellite system sends out a low frequency subsonic noise that blocks the pineal glands from building up dmt. it keeps evolution in check and humanity at a smart monkey level. fluoride was ineffective as so many people turned to fresh uncontaminated water. tv became to obvious and media propaganda just cause division. what the immortals wanted more than anything was herd mentality. mass control. 
dr. wu had consulted the i ching this morning, his boney hands and long extended fingers drew the six sticks and with his ink calligraphy pen he drew the lines. 
hexagram 59
the king grants there be a temple
life is an all or nothing equation
he sips tea from a small cup, his diet is a handful of berries and seeds now, not much point in eating food he has mastered light. 
below his citadel the slaves do their labour, they squabble amongst themselves about petty divisions and whom has the better idea. all sides think they are correct, as they split into fundamentalism. often murders are committed. tension is kept high and the mass functions in a state of fear, mistrust and suspicion all the time. dr. wu likes it like this, stops them getting anywhere. fear is the ultimate weapon, and it's so easy to use. occasionally one individual comes along and rises from the mass, a man or woman who does not follow the herd. an individual who knows there is a greater picture beyond the fear. they are sometimes elevated to a position of meaningless authority until they are undermined or assassinated or an opposing argument comes along. sometimes it's stolen, the hordes are often far to stupefied to know.
dr. wu laughs to himself as he watches people squabbling and fight over ideas and thoughts they have. he laughs so hard sometimes it hurts.
the satellite weapon calcifies the pineal gland so effectively most of the global population are like ants now, immune from independant thoughts and action. 'on your knees,' dr. wu whispers, as his narrow lips blow a soft plume across the surface of his cup.
the irony is you don't have to be on your knees to be on your knees. 
the useful idiot is a good analogy, dr. wu often seeds them with ideology and idealism they can use to disrupt natures evolutionary plan. his position calls upon it, to subvert nature is the ultimate evil, to use those who defend nature to subvert nature on his behalf is just elementary tactics. it's the art of war and when it comes to manipulation dr. wu is amongst a small few who are not only masters but ippissimus.
he sips his tea, looks down at his old feet, notices the long veins stick out, it reminds him of the years amongst the water people, a small tribal community who lived on the shoreline of a tropical island. that man he met captain mission, a strange figure from his ancient history. 
what was that place called, libeteria? libertasia? mmm, it had an annoying name. 
was he french or english, most definitely a mix of europian and some exotic blend. that long black ravens hair, his library of philosophy, poetry and esoteric texts. and his people. mmm, dr. wu reminisce at how he was shipwrecked there, washed up on the shore and given safe haven amongst the community. they were unlike any group of people he had encountered, progressive thinkers, free individuals, in flow with nature and the divine. definitely understood their place within the universe, almost guardians. but they were also pyrates, wanted by the french navy, the spanish the english and the portuguese. they were known for liberation. not just of the flesh but of the spirit. they were dangerous. yet he found their community peaceful. he read many rare books there, he walked barefeet for many years, he even sailed with them once on a mission. 
they intercepted a vessel from england sailing to the americas, it held coin for a treasury and a two political prisoners whom had attempted to write a treatise that empowered children. educators they called themselves. 
we raided the vessel, sneaking up in the evening, stealth like, captain missions tactics were non violent, his men just put sleeping potion in their rum.
that night we liberated the prisoners, the gold and the ships library. we also left the food and water as the island was abundant. sometimes they took the crew.
captain mission divided the spoils up equally and gave each man a book, keeping the rest for his library. he was adamant that all his people be literate and show great respect for all cultures, valuing the arts and differences. everyman was free to join him, or they would be released at the nearest island to rejoin their nations when rescued. 
as we returned to libertaria i began to understand why i was shipwrecked here, why i should be exposed to such enlightened behaviour. i would have to kill this man and all his people. 
it was not difficult, the community kept all their weapons in one place but were encouraged to carry knives. the captain had a sleek black blade made from obsidian. 
it was not difficult to kill them, this was far before i had learnt subversion and subtle arts so i relied upon brute force. the women fought bravely but without the men their conclusion was inevitable.
i slaughtered all. 
captain mission was the last, he was forced to watch while i did my work. i left him hanging while his feet were balanced upon the small cross. 
his eyes bore down upon me as i came for him, kicking the cross away, smiling as his body contorted and twitched but those eyes, those eyes penetrated my very soul.
now as i look back i recall what happened, i still feel his eyes burning into my depths from the past.
now in my present, my plan is come to fruition, the seeds sown long ago germinate into their conditions. limited stunted and de evolved. it is reverse engineering, i am a god.
but shadows have familiarity, ghosts linger, the past is haunting me, he haunts me. 
i watched him die, his eyes gazed deeper into my soul than was rational, those dark eyes, black as space held me prisoner and penetrated space and time for now they are there looking at me.  is there no escape, not now!
i watched his breath leave his body, the spasm in his leg, the tongue rolling out, i saw it happen. death. from which there is no return.
yet here he is. returned.
i look away at the hexagram
dissolving, i am dissolving as he sees me. 
progressing, he is resurrected.
the king grants there be a temple
he wears the crown of light above his head now fully forming, along with his body, a crown of white light and wings, wings, he is no longer human. he has wings and a crown of white light, a crown. he is king!
and i have disappeared.
life is an all or nothing equation

Monday, January 04, 2021

polly incubus

she's got the unicorn guru, surrealist voodoo, cosmological outlook,  chariot magick, she makes a difference the only girl i know who can be in two places at once.
she's got the writers fever, everyone needs her, she's got the world springing on a head of a pin, she's got the avocado tango, a fine art form, she's the only girl i know whom can be in two places at once.
she's got a venus tornado, a great big flavor, she has the mutual vibration, and a credit card voodoo, she's tunes in to tomorrow, tuned out of sorrow, it's only dancing into the bright white light two places at once.
she's got the manchurian antidote and the dominion hack vote, she has mesmerising  music, a tuned down guru a secret, you can use it. 
ah polly incubus come on babe, come on babe, be here and now, be when and how, two places, two faces, two places at once.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

it was plato who came up with the cave idea about shadows on the wall being reality, the first simulation theory, in the late 70's baudrillard came up with a strange idea. in many way's it tied in with what the situationists thought but pushed it even further, the stages of simulation to the point we are living in hyper reality, a reality so far removed from the true nature of reality we cannot tell the difference. 
i think in someways this relates to my own personal theory about 'reality' although the choice we have is to choose what we believe is real. whereas baudrillard suggested that in the post modern age it's become very difficult.
it's only difficult because we invest in the media that projects reality. the news philosophically is all fake. so what's the truth, that elusive nucleus at the centre of the atom. 
again, we are compromised as our sensory organs only manage to interpret a fraction of what is out there masquerading as reality. that's why microscopes and telescopes and x ray scans were invented. to get closer. 
what we think is a tree is a collection of vibrating atoms, what we think of as atoms are actually protons, electron, tachyons, and quark and strangeness and charm and a number of other particles we have yet to discover. what we could chose to see is the wave, the flow of everything as it hits our perception, factor in a fourth dimension, let's make that the fourth dimension and perspective shifts again. 
so. simulation is what we all swim in but not live in. not if we apply critical thinking as a instrument of philosophy. then everything that is real or has reality in our normal life is a symbol, and this aligns with a kabbalistic concept of ennemations. qualities of the divine that radiate like ripples. mercy, understanding, wisdom, justice, beauty but is it all simulated and to what degree?
that all depends upon ones own relationship with the universe. it's why symbols have power and why everyone is really inhabiting some sort of tower of babal, because we perceive at different levels and cannot share the same language.  
the simulation becomes distorted and further represents the sorcery that baudrillard talks about.
i'm getting into his way of thinking. aligning magickal thought with his ideas. new systems. 
proof will be in when i use it, a few tweaks to my quantum concepts of magick. i have to explore sorcery in order to escape it completely. it's kinda mental realy and only a freak like me would journey to such a strange place but psychonauts need the courage to loose sight of the shore in order to discover new lands and quite frankly these shores are becoming familiar. i have resources now, i can play. mission control is having renovations, it's a huge job and taking forever as does the quest for a new car. i know nothing about cars and like the xv as it's very functional, no frills.  however i'm being persuaded to get a toyota  by those deep in the simulation. they say these cars are amazing as they have excellent 'packages' for the price. i have no idea about cars but i quite like the look of the funky c-hr and maybe it's time to go hybrid two tone. 
somehow i like the idea of driving around the simulation in a c- hr listening to diamond dogs and icelandic whaling folk songs. 

information, it's coming in thick and fast, i'm at the centre of the spiral where perspective is everything. i see the deception clearly, my pattern recognition optimised, the industry of outrage and faux compassion. the idiotic mass media, elites and democratic new-speak all obscure the truth. it gets us in duality and keeps us there like zeros and ones, like black lives matter, like left and right, like right and wrong.
biden is loosing his marbles, the truth is he's a puppet for malevolent forces. i would like to say unlike any we have seen before, but we have, in the chinese communist party. 
over the last 40 years education looked at how awful the western civilization has been, it deconstructed west against the world, and neglected the same prism of critical analysis upon communism and socialism. only the people whom escaped socialism / communism want to protect the west, meanwhile the academics all have miseducated students whom think it is the perfect system. the gulags have been white washed from history, those archipelagos of misery never stood a chance against the nazi death camps. the usa subverted itself and now is fractured in second revolution. i still think trump will win. the main stream media has corrupted the truth by not reporting accurately what is going on. it hasn't done this for many years, but particularly in terms of the great outsider that trump is. a man who won an election on one election promise, to drain the swamp.
the idiotic media put a spotlight on, make america great again but the reason people wanted him was because everyone knew the deep state were corrupt and now we know how deep it is. it's come to the surface. this no longer is about republicans vs democrats, a lot of democrats are beginning to see the fucking obvious. granted they are slow on the uptake, mostly brainwashed and indoctrinated to the point of mass hypnosis but fractures are appearing as dominion is revealed. as joe bidens links with china are exposed, as his dementia, racism and obvious position as a puppet for much more sinister powers slowly reveal themselves. 
fascism, socialism, communism, post capitalism all must give way now to the new world order, first sown by the trilateral commision almost 40 years ago and we have been watching it's arrival over the last few years as the technocrats exert more and more influence and power and obvious control. 
in europe it was easy, immigration changed everything, the eu and the un clearly stated in agenda 21/31, in the codex alimentarius, and with the climate debate the plan. it was on their website in clear site. 
it's the ultimate uniting enemy, the weather. just like a virus. we go running to our leaders, we set the young passionate and idealistic upon them, save us president joe, build us a saviour machine. and hey, before you know it they have. only it's no saviour is it? it's the same people pulling strings, closing and opening doors. it's that small class of elites who have the power stripping more from the individual. yuri says, the swamp is filled with useful idiots, they do their jobs and then when their jobs are done, they are eliminated. 
now this c-19. lets look at facts.
it was used as a bioweapon. - domestic flights from wuhan banned, international ones free to move after the plannedemic was known about. they infected the world.
the who downplayed the virus, telling people not to wear masks or gloves. 
the head of the world economics forum a publishes a book saying c-19 is not important, it's the narrative around it that will be. he's the man behind the reset, a technocrat and transhuman advocate. his book was published fast.
the governments lock us down, small business closes, people loose their jobs, everything changes because now this virus is very infectious. social distancing, no crowds except sports, black lives matter demonstrations, mmm curious how one side of the ideological debate get a free pass, yet the other doesn't.  the marxists want the middle classes destroyed, maybe that's a good thing, i don't know. the state hands out money, that's good but it's because money is now worthless in the new economy of carbon credits.
tests for a desease you don't know you have until they tell you.
and now an experimental rna nanoparticle vaccine created in record time, for a desease you can still catch, and transmit after having the vax, so what is the point?
and now finally a mutated strain.
and still businesses and govts, all push for a digital passport that differentiates those whom have had the vax and those that have not. an apartheid as non vaccinated people will loose their jobs, be unable to access govt. departments, unable to fly, 
yes the technocrats now control the world. and transhumanism is upon us. and we asked for it.  humans, utterly doomed to repeat the same old mistakes. 

trust me i'm a drug company, media giant, hollywood celeb.
trust me i'm an expert
trust me i'm a politician. 
i'm a very positive healthy guy but i lived 40 years watching world politics and being a keen observer and if you believe that institutions deserve trust, well you get what you deserve. 


Wednesday, December 23, 2020

 i do like this new font. i think i will adopt it from this point onwards.
in case you had not noticed dear reader, the new addition to blogger is this array of new fonts, and over the last few posts i experimented with a few. but this one, 'stint ultra expanded,' is my fave.
the pessimist : i'm very concerned by what's happening around me.  we had such a free life, i mean we had choices now i'm not so sure.
the optimist : it's still good, i mean these nazis are just a trend. a wave that will pass over our heads.
pessimist : i am going to get out, take the children and sarah and i will travel to new zealand, make a new life.
optimist : you overreact, everything will be fine.

sometimes the blue sky thinking is just denialism at the obvious facts. 
why is the argument against the c-19 vaccination not tolerated. 
why do govts choose to forgo the usual legal requirements that applies to drug companies. 
why are there a growing number of scientists and virilogists who all oppose the logic behind vaccinating  an untested drug. why do people still have faith in pharmaceutical companies, governments and experts when the evidence is obvious. ask yuri.
he spells it out.

anyways since my return i have been quite busy. i decided to spend my fortune on a new car and renovations. i picked up a few extra books i've always wanted and will plough through them as soon as the building s completed. it's all coming together well, two afghani have been assigned the task and despite their inability to turn up some days they are already transforming the designated area. i'm not sure if it will be finished by xmas but i hope they can finish it by the end of the year.

Monday, December 21, 2020

this video has been removed for violating you tube terms of service! 

what telling people the truth?
we are in very dangerous waters people, be aware. don't tolerate this lies that the world economic forum is throwing out at us,  it's become obvious to me what is happening now, as the technocrats take control of the agenda and control peoples minds. 
world war 3 has started, fascism, socialism, communism and now technocratic ideology. people have to get over the left and right polarities and see a new enemy, same as the old. what were all those people fighting wars for in history if not the freedom to be an individual. the battlefield is the mind baby. and an open mind requires more than just some positive thinking vibe and white light, it's going to take a tool that has been slowly eroded by years of dumbing down. critical thinking.
for the last 30 years i have written about the one conspiracy (NOT JUST ON BLOGGER) no one seems to understand because it's packaged in an ingenious wrapping of us asking for it. good hearted, good intentions and well meaning people have been so duped by this movement it was considerably easy for them to execute. all they needed was a generation plus some sympathetic (to quote yuri) useful idiots.
here it is: spelled out for you in case you're not getting the idea.
never mind taking the red pill or blue pill, the question is will you click here, or avoid the future while it envelopes you.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

dominion has two prongs on it's fork, one is called hammer (HAMR) the other scorecard. soon these words will fill the feed, people will be talking about it but they will not understand it right now. all links and information pertaining to them have been removed and or replaced with a standard denial. 
i piece together the puzzle, not a conspiracy theory yet a conspiracy. 
anyone travelling through a rabbit hole will never see the end point until they are out, even the entrance point becomes lost and all there are is tributaries. only when you are 'out' can perspective offer clarity and yet the mind will bend the truth, squeeze it into the hole until it fits but almost splits the walls apart for those dimensions are to big for the container, it warps and folds, it distorts. 
confirmation bias is a perfect excuse for the narcissistic personality as it distorts something to mean itself when it is obviously nothing to do with them. 
dominion is a computer program, it's used in elections and has been used by the cia for many years especially in south america. scorecard flips votes, it's the hack, and hammer is the intercept. the trail of conspirators go all the way to the heart of the dems, china, soros and the un. the great reset is being pushed hard by the same people who fund biden. aka wall street, hollywood and the mainstream media, big pharma and the green left. as my canadian friend david shulman said, 'useful idiots' do the groundwork until they can be disposed off. 
mainstream media - people are turning off because we know you lie.
big tech- we know your twits and facebook push one single agenda, we know who you are in bed with.
hollywood- you woke and put us to sleep, no one wants to be preached to by a bunch of self important morons. listen to ricky, he did warn you.
wall street funding the dems, ha, follow the money all the way to china. 
the great reset is really humanities great set back.
why mission?
because its the same old people running the same old show, the only difference is we asked them for it this time.  


Friday, December 18, 2020

i will not get this vaccination. i did my research. it's weird as everyone is a sort of humanist type, all claim to follow a religion and spiritual path but the truth is the whole science on which this vaccine is based is the first step towards the transhuman future as it's not a dna vaccine but an rna one.  
it's also produced by pfizer a drug company that murdered hundreds of africans in it's experiments with vaccines, it's had so many litigations by people whom have suffered adversely from their products you may as well play russian roulette. plus the real science not the politicized one has already found a cure that works. 
the fact is the great reset is coming, that's the end game and this vaccination is a compliance tool. dig deep you uncover the truth.
i always ask myself, why are all govt's pushing this instead of the alternatives. why do people trust their government they will allow them to put injections into them on, trust. the nazi party convinced people to step into the showers, get clean, disinfect from lice. 
the un is the nazi party, it has a similar objective. it's agenda 21 /31, it's codex. all there in plain sight. 
nope i am not going to be injected with their drugs. sure if you are old and at risk, go get a shot, don't let me stop you but at the end of the day why would a healthy person with a good immune system want that stuff inside their body. 
i'm not an anti vaccer, just this one. the whole c-19 thing was so badly handled, in my case i know it was designed by americans, sent to wuhan china when the congress banned genetic experiments on viruses, funded by obama, biden and fucci and then released unto the world in time for the great reset.
i'm old now. i been around the block. if you think govt's and pharmaceuticals are benevolent then that's your problem. this is not cynicism, this is experience. 

Thursday, December 10, 2020

 i returned yesterday, wrote a few e mails, made some calls, wrote something on the olde blog and crashed out. i found myself awake at around 1100 and took myself off to the beach for a few hours, stopping off at the shop for coconuts. in the garden i stripped down to my shorts and one hand holding the cleaver the other a fresh coconut i hacked into it ad drunk down cool refreshing liquid. after i slung the husk to the back of the garden where it lay with a pile of other husks. everything has changed, the last few days have been something incredible and strange. i'm somewhat stunned but although everything has changed i am determined to change nothing. not yet anyway. there are a few minor tweaks i will make, nothing to big, some renovations to mission control. maybe a new car. let's see how it all plays out.

Tuesday, December 08, 2020

the galactic federation are here
right now
we are not ready for them
yet some are

on mars under the surface of the red planet
collaboration occurs, 
the oldest philosophical question unites the greatest minds
it brings peace and wisdom, humility and wonder

i know.
the fabric of the universe.
it's flows through my blood
i know 
the key to mayan time

the galactic federation are here
right now
we are not ready for them
yet some are

on the moon we have been warned
not to return in the sky of iron
until upon this beautiful earth we inhabit and care for
is established zion

Friday, November 27, 2020

soon science will discover what is already known, dark energy is actually quintessence. captain mission walks through the mass of atomic structures between molecules, between quark and charm, he is harmonized and complete, a fully formed creative fractal spiralling outwards. in the galaxy he encompasses new births are creates, formulas achieved, the fatalistic probability makes new patterns and deterministic outcomes reformat themselves.
harbinger of freedom, those who come come, those who don't don't. liberation is not found in deception but in freedom from deception, it is not found in spiritual people and their agendas. it is not found in byron bay it is found in the place you least expect it. escape your own trap. 
deceptions are mirror universes filled with smoke, some people fill their hearts with them, others clear. some who think they are clear are just trapped, some who think they are trapped are free. 
i am quintessence. 

Thursday, November 26, 2020

the mornings surf, big waves propell me forwards, i notice how my skills are improving. i can turn and twist, steer into waves and slip quickly into physical mode so that i can activate my system. it's the flip of a switch, a shift into the correct state. it's beautiful. 
the day is excellent.
and dawn is rising.

tradespeople walk through mission control, there's renovations occurring and it's a big job so my driveway is blocked with trucks and a trail of flooring, tiles and empty concrete bags. the sound of people industriously redesigning filters through to the back of mission control. i'm hanging around catching up on paperwork, e mails and stuff. no work for a few days, yay! 
so far i have had a big clean out, so far i have made a slight dent. i'm recovering form a big weekend, my body feels tired and aches, i really need a big sleep. 
i chat to my father about the elections, we both know. he's telling me about some clint eastwood film he likes, i tell him about the one i just saw, richard jewel. we both like clint eastwood, dad for his cowboy roles, me for his directing choices.
later i speak to my crop circle contact whom believes time travellers are responsible. we speak about the 'farm' and the eerie activities, it is quite strange such events happen in such a small area but the cattle story freaks me out, that's just freaky.
i'm do not subscribe to the time travel theory with crop circles, i've always thought it's information encoded within the earth itself. mostly concerning technology, free energy and perpetual motion machines. 
i'm not surprised to learn that there are a now a number of scientists and engineers whom are designing machines based upon the patterns within crop circles. a number of vibrationary tools especially rife machines are based upon crop circle designs. also ancient devices from prehistory seem to match patterns found in circles. there is much speculation about ancient technology but i feel it is more than likely.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

i lost my sense of humour, i looked for it everywhere, starting in all the obvious places, i looked under my bed, on the windowsill, i searched through my drawers and bookshelves, i looked in four places at once, i tried scanning the ceilings and staring at the walls but it was nowhere to be seen. perhaps i dropped it when i was walking along the beach. i panicked with the single thought, maybe the dog ate it, he would do something like that, i have noticed his inclination towards me lately is to pull little tricks and pranks. oh no!
my dog ate my sense of humour, devoured it while i was distracted. i can't believe it yet it is the sort of thing that could happen to me. i ring the vet.
'we never heard such nonsense, dogs don't have humour, but bring him in, we better check him out.'
'well i'm warning you, be prepared.'
of course the dog has hidden the box, he's also not in his kennel where he enjoys snoozing but he's swinging in my hammock reading peanuts and wearing my special rose coloured glasses. i offer him a dog biscuit but he demands a something more sophisticated, 'why do you give me those stupid biscuits, they just taste like cardboard,' he says. 
i'm in no mood to enter a discussion, i carry him to the car, i'll drive he says.
'you can't, you have no...'
'licence. i do, it's a dog licence.'
'oh no, you stupid dog you ate my sense of humour.'
'well it's not very funny is it, i mean it's no robin williams, no ricky gervais, i think i'm doing you a favour really.'
'shut up and let's go see this vet maybe he can help.'
'he's not sticking anything in me, i have rights you know. i should have a private health fund anyway.'
'even i don't have one so forget it.'
'last time i went to the vet this woman with a dead duck was there.'
'so, we can be in an out, you don't have to play with any other animals.'
'oh that duck was dead. the vet kept telling her but she wouldn't listen, she kept yelling at him, my ducks not dead he might be in a coma, he's not dead!'
'the vet called in a big labrador who then sniffed the duck from head to toe. then he gave the vet a look and shook his head slowly with his big sad eyes.
next a cat came in and did the same thing, meowed softly and shook its head slowly. so the vet looks at the woman and says, this is a certifiable dead duck. he goes over to his computer and punches in a few keys then to the printer where he grabs a sheet that feeds out, and hands the bill to the woman.
she reads it and shouts out, $1000, just to tell me my duck is dead.
the vet shrugs and says, lady if you had just taken my word for it the bill would be $20 but with the lab report and the cat scan it's $1000.'
'jesus, don't give up your day job,' i mutter as we hit the highway north.
'it's your humour mission.'
'ahh well a confession at least.'
'i was hungry and you leave it laying around, what do you expect?'

Monday, November 23, 2020

when angelica revealed her true nature to me i was not really surprised, i mean i'd always suspected she was from another planet so anything less would not shock me. we were cleaning up, washing and drying, she was standing there with bright yellow rubber gloves, naked from the waist up and wearing heels and a short skirt. i don't know why she liked to dress so provocatively when she did her domestic chores, maybe to get me more involved in the mundane. it worked.
halfway through the dinner dishes she flicked me with some soap suds and stood there waiting to see how i'd react, i waved the spatula in front of her face, smiling i teased, 'not very clever, to splash a man with a spatula in his hand,' she laughed at me and i went to whack her then she said, 'you know, i was clear for a few years, it's changed, i've moved into a different level.'
the spatula stopped in mid-swing and she grabbed it from me, 'i'm actually an ot8.'
'is this some gnostic group, oto, iot, current 88, i don't know what ot8 is angelica.'
'i don't know how to tell you this, i hope you understand, i'd like you to think about joining me.'
'joining you, in what exactly, you know i don't like groups, gangs or cults.'
'captain mission, i am a scientologist.
i flicked the bubbles at her, 'yeah, well i'm not joining.'
'listen,' she directed, 'i am 0t8 now, that's as high as it gets, please listen to what i am saying.'
'okay let's finish the domestics and then we can discuss this but i should warn you i've studied every known and unknown group, infiltrated them all and gone through the ranks only to exit.'
angelica passes me a tea towel and we start working our way through the dishes.
'yeah, well you are the smartest guy in the universe. so how come you have never heard of the ot8 mission?'
'i was fast tracked to a level you don't know about.'
'get out, you were not. there is no level after ot8.'
'oh yeah there is, it's called ctc and there are only a handful of us.'
she pulls off the gloves and slides up to me, her arms wrap around my shoulders, 'what's ctc stand for?'
'clear thetan clear.'
'fuck you mission.'
i grab her waist, 'sure, let's.'
'seriously, i wanna know why i don't know about ctc.'
'i can't answer that.'
'why did they fast track you.'
'i passed the test babe.'
'fuck, really? how come you never told me.'
i shrug my shoulders, go back to cleaning dishes.
'you should have told me, you said you would share everything with me.'
i spin around to face her, soft lips pouting, eyes open wide.
'i do tell you everything but there's a lot of everything and it takes time. you capiche?'
'mission, that's slippery, ' she's sneering but smiles, 'and clever.'
anyway what's ctc all about, please tell me, please?'
'it's cosmic stuff, one you get to that level they just let you go.'
'what the church never let anyone go.'
'they let the ctc's go babe.'
'because we don't need it and they know it. we are not agents for the church, we are agents for something bigger and the church know it.'
'this is insane, you are fucking making this up just to annoy me.'
'no way, if i wanted to annoy you i'd just do this,' and with that i flicked a whole large blob of soap suds art her face point black.
'ewe, tell me mission. '
'tell you what?'
'about the ctc status.'
'it means i'm clear babe. clear of mest.'
'fate, chance, accident of birth, luck, a strange and an unusual brain, some research, a few good teachers along the way, a healthy attitude to reality and my own personal special ingredient which must remain a mystery.'
'fuck you, come on, tell me what can you do.'
'anything. i want.'
'oh that's kinda sexy,' she says, moving closer.'
'so really do you have any affiliation to them?'
'none. i walked in one day, did all their tests and then more, got invited back for more and yet more and then they proclaimed me in ceremony and i was free.'
'to do what?'
'anything, but i choose my mission.'
standing on her tiptoes her lips almost meet mine, she smells of peaches. 'it's amazing. all this time i thought you had no interest in us.'
'i really don't, it's okay to be part of something, a family, a group, club whatever, religion even but i hold no creed or follow nothing so structured.'
'but you still have the dishes to do.'


Sunday, November 22, 2020

steve comes onstage and strums his guitar it's some sort of new semi acoustic one i have not seen him play before. what happened to that old beaten up one with the black tape? 
i liked that look, it told stories and tales and was no mere guitar, that guitar has soul, and what's this. he's wearing a sort of black dress suit with a red shirt, like a naughty mephisto hosting a cabaret, the magic theater has begun. the band begins and it rocks when it needs to and it rolls where it does, and it's very good. it's actually better than the cd, it's alive, with just the right amount of chaos that makes it interesting to me. these players are veterans, all individual in their field. i watch them all do their thing effortlessly, in union like a school of fish following the man in the red shirt through the corridors of the mind, off love, loss, hurt and regret, off prayer and 11 women. 
it's hard to define why this band is good, i feel it's the element of chaos, it merges into the unity and creates something else. it's the bleed, colours mixing and swirling, steve singing with conviction as always and passion always makes interesting art.
i'm sold.
this is a new version of steve, same as the old but with a different background, it's loose and rambling, it's tight and fit. these guys are excellent and all is proven in my own personal fave, 'doris mcalister,' a song about a witch. i like that dark stuff in music, my inner old gothic nature feels like it needs to play. 
the second half set is perfection.
now i'm just an old man, sitting down the front with my friend as we sip our cocktails and our hash cookies kick in. the sound of 'providence.'
steve always plays this song and i always love it when he does. i always feel he's playing it for grant, out of love. i have no idea if that's true but i like to think it is and i am certain it is.
tonight this simple song becomes majestic as it moves into others, segues into, 'is this where you live' and some devotional george harrison like hindu chanting and back into 'providence' again and i'm taken into that strange place where the church always take me, that strange place where steve opens doors and portals for me, that doorway that feels so much like home.
well obviously the second set will be a whole batch of re imagined church songs and stuff from steve's massive catalogue of solo work.
but no, expect the unexpected. 
they play a few songs from the next 'winged heels' album, and oh, 'swinging on the moon,' a song i have never heard but it's stolen my heart already, and i hope it's as good as the live version. look out you rock and rollers.
all the other songs are equally as alluring, i'm so excited to hear the next album now. this is a curious band, very unique in many ways that all these people came from other great bands, icehouse, the models, gareth koch is a maestro at his classical form and yet plays rock with such finesse and unusual riffs, he makes it look easy, standing there like a giant with his fingers moving along the neck, making these sounds come alive. i love all the musicians, they are excellent but it's the drummer who stands out the most. i have no idea where he is from or whom he is but he was quite brilliant. inventive, restrained and powerful. fun to watch, and having a groovy time.
encoring with a reworked 'milky way' that sounded fresh and as magickal as the first time i heard it, steve closes the set. the winged heels are a live band. 
upstairs with all the people as usual i wonder what i am doing there, oh yeah i think, i really wanna give steve a hash cookie as this batch is amazing, although i'm tempted to eat it as the munchies kick in, show restraint mission i think. fortunately we share a few moments to chat before everyone is whisked away. he's telling me about a san pedro experience and it's a good story, makes me happy to hear it. 
down on the street at foxy studios my friend and i wander to the tram, watching huge bats fly over our heads, swoop swoop. i feel happy. it was a very good night.    

Friday, November 20, 2020

another dawn surf see's massive swell, the water much warmer neptunes arms embracing my in turbulence and chaos. mostly all i hear is the crashing of waves and the loud beat inside my body, it's been a long time since my heart was so loud. there are moments where i suck down air filling hungry lungs about to burst. i watch people being swept away in the swell, a lady tumbles over backwards, she looks really nervous and i reach out for her arm, elp her back to the shore. it's terrible out there yet i move forwards past the fear, the shock and awe into the calm ocean out the back where the waves come hard and fast but synchronized in sets. i catch the smaller ones and find myself travelling through time and space, through into beyond zen, into raw ein sof.
i create
i recreate
only action is true reflection of who, there is no greater good only good. there is no greater god only god, there is no truth other than what is true and there is no love other than the magick of myself and all i create. 
my mind and heart expand through the universe and penetrate all realms, quasi and quasar, my antenna picks up signals from local and intergalactic. there's a lot happening through emanation,  
at one point i find myself in a barrel, the wall of water seems frozen in time, it gives me a moment to think.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

down at the beach, some choppy waves in early morning haze, i'm in and out, getting my body adjusted to the freezing shock of cold water. what happened, a day ago it was warm, did an iceberg melt of the coast?after a few moments i adjust, that sharp breathing levels out. i swim out and catch a few waves.
a cold shower and a search for a new coffee shop, i cast my eyes towards what was 'the amalfi' only to find it has a new look, new owners, new name. the captains cafe. ah home away from home, and they do a good latte to.
the day is spent continuing the work on mission control, it's changing rapidly, and looking far more interesting now. there's still a lot of things to move and clear out but it's beginning to manifest into a respectable living environment. it only took me 6 years. 
i smoke a joint after a long day, the evening descends soft and gentle, birds bring me gifts, i remember to feed my fish as the sun sinks. it's a clear sky, i think i may watch the stars tonight. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

the word for the new age is 

keep an open mind, watch the feeds, listen to the ones you never listen to, be prepared to reach satori and understand you were fighting on the wrong side. what you thought was good is evil, what you think is right is wrong. humans off planet earth DOMINION already is here, it intervened and is controlled by the darkest force upon earth. are you part of DOMINION or are you strong enough to stand in the truth. no matter what that truth is?

those that know will know, those that do not know will find out in time if they look. the truth is worse than you can imagine because most of you were fighting a battle for the enemy. the truth always will trump the lie. and if it doesn't we will live under DOMINION 

Friday, October 30, 2020

a week in suspended animation, although i'm not that animated in rain, it slows me down, keeps me inside the prism contemplating my nexus. i do get a chance to make some changes around mission control, lots of clearing out of stuff, the place is taking shape as i rearrange everything into coherence. i found a way to communicate with the local bird life, they have always been paying me visits, and now i understand what they require from me, i am happy to oblige.
i bake some stuff, it seems like a good idea on a wet day, i shift some furniture and create a new space where an interior jungle area sprouts forth. here i will spend my mornings after my surf. it's perfect.
the pond life is growing in spring, dragons are awakened, the flowers around the area blooming in spring, after such a watering they will be pristine. it's almost south american in bromeliad and water lily.
i begin a new novel, max goldsworths, the empress of forever, it's vast and imaginative and although i have just begun it find myself in love with it's two main characters, although i am yet to encounter the empress. 
my front tooth is falling out, it's endless irritation keeps me firmly in my moment to which i always return. my pain threshold is so high but it's there.
back to work soon, i need to pace myself, in for the long haul. gotta just find my swing.
finally speak with my dad, he tells me about what's happening in europa, same as ever. same islo-fascist savagery. i can't blame them, it's the europeans own fault, what did they think?
i saw it coming with samuel rushdie back in the day, very few others did. ho hum. he ho, free speech for expensive oil. 
on one hand you have the marxist morons and the other the islamo fascists. there's no escape except escape.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

i'd never read any paolini novels despite various people saying to me the dragon reminded them of myself, i avoid fantasy novels as a rule although i have read the obvious ones. the only fantasy writer i think had something different to write was scott r baker who has written a very interesting sextet of books known as 'prince of nothing.' 
anyway's paolini writes his first adult science fiction novel, ot's taken him 10 years and it's a huge monolith which i read in about two weeks. i mean it's easy to read.
the story is not original, it's a sort of mish mash of classic themes, a strange artifact, a weird alien symbiotic being, a galactic war and a band of renegades in trouble with the authorities.
it's not a bad book but it's not really a book for anyone that likes science fiction to blow their minds, it's written for a basic audience and although within is a whole new universe it's very basic.
i'm curious to see how he builds the next book in the series but overall i'd suggest it's really a fantasy book written as a science fiction book. the alien could be a dragon, the quest at the first part of the book is every generic fantasy quest and the ending somewhat trite.
however this should not stop readers from enjoying it, characters are okay but never more than one dimensional, dialogue okay but predictable, aliens and termanology are a bit unimaginative but it will keep you turning the pages. 

Saturday, October 17, 2020

i make a date with the sun, the future is arriving, my calculations point to december, maybe the 20th or 21st. the wave will arrive in earth's atmosphere around that period and i will be ready. that's all. mutation is adaptation, adaptation is evolution. my rituals are prepared in advance, i have a date with destiny.

big night out, wandering around the city with some long lost friends, in and out of bars and pubs, i'm at the italian film festival with some celebrities whom seem to have adopted me, an actress and director and we agree to watch the new version of pinocchio which is rather good, much more loyal to the book than the disney version.
my new round of herbal cookies are amazing, quality cake. wow!

news from europa is bad, lockdown high mortality and infection rates, this c-19 thing is moving faster than we can.
anyways, here's the issue.
all governments (except china) are in the dark, they have to make it up as they go along. they have to balance economy with infection. it's notoriously hard as they must appear to know what they are doing, the illusion of control. yet if they had power over their masters they would make one simple announcement.
build your immune system by exercise, diet and joy. spend time with your family and loved ones, life is short and then you die. balance work, rest and play. 
no govt. has made that announcement, instead they are instructing people to isolate, stay inside, wear masks and ppc, don't go out to the beach.
the issue is this virus is not as deadly as cancer so why are we never seeing a worldwide race to cure cancer. because of money. because of control. the vaccination for c-19 will be compulsory, you won't be able to travel or work unless you have had the vaccine. and the vaccine will not be the cure.
so i'd suggest keep calm, keep reasonably healthy, build the immune system and don't buy into to much hysteria. in fact turn of the news, watch something more creative and relax. 

Friday, October 16, 2020

fleeting moments in the water at the beach, watching the supermoon, the stars sprawl across the bay, it's picture postcard, a zen night garden, a lullaby for the motherless children as i think about the dead.
thoughts to the dead, the old people, the people who are in graves, the people who are lonely and isolated because the family can't see them in quarantine zones, the dead-end streets, the tunneled vision, the obscured by clouds, the people who lost their jobs, the people who are without. 
i saw a film clip of a woman in a big modern city apartment standing on the balcony yelling out at anyone who could hear, 'help me, help me, i am trapped here with the dead body of my mother, please someone help me.'
it is now a terrible situation for humanity as fear sweeps its way through the world. conspiracy and paranoia, infecting minds. stockpiling in survival mode. people clutching at straws while others hold hands.
in fear the amygdala shuts down compassion, care, kindness and understanding. we only think about survival.
listen to the media words:
lockdown, virus, disease, death, surveillance, military, recession, depression. 
watch the new global sport as countries play the dead population game show, numbers soar, the world watches.
i think the virus is the antidote.
it takes no prisoners, ignores borders, ideology, race.
now it is time to contemplate what we have surrendered to. 
what's important baby?
these things do not matter to the soul.
they are requirements of mind.

richard dawkins a scientific fundamentalist whom i have never really endorsed says 'we are just progenitors of dna and it is every living object's sole purpose, our prime directive.'

yet if you think about it, 'it is the rationalism of frogs living at the bottom of wells that deny the existence of mountains,' so says a much wiser man frithjof schuon.

materialism is the wrong road. as i have been writing for eons, ideologies, all of them, they are fundamentally wrong. capitalism, socialism are atomized reality infiltrating our lives and reducing life into valueless paper or constructs. the money is not real. debt is a side effect but so is mental health and the natural environment. so is love.
the world has been visited by covid-19 which reveals a house of cards society exposed now as it falls, globalism has ended. money has ended. even in affluent societies like iceland everyone is in debt.
the average household debt in au. 200%
covid 19 is showing us the value of toilet paper over diamonds.
i'm captain mission and i'm going to fucking save us all.

Friday, September 25, 2020

one of the most intelligent video's ever made, and a very subversive song in my opinion. i love the fact there are bands that can still subvert the dominant paradigm, see through the paradox of ideology and the sheep mentality. 
while this was mainly interpreted as a meditation on social media, it's much much more. 

Monday, August 24, 2020

an absolutely brilliant movie, possibly the best one i have seen after 'dead man' 
everything about this movie is perfect, i loved it. i think christopher nolan is my fave director, and he would be the man for 'manifesto.'
ironically another novel i have an idea for would fit right into the nolan universe. mmm, christopher are you reading this, shoot me an e mail. i love your work. 
the answer is in the pineal gland.
it's been in my vision for weeks, i see the signs all the time, they are pushed into my face and begin to overwhelm me. the universe has been bashing me over the head with a soft instrument and now finally as i dissolve i see what the information is really saying. dmt. its many forms represent themselves in my reality but i know the universe i am in currently is not my own, it's a mirror so i apply my mirror mind to the mirror to get the truth and the answer lies in the pineal. it's melatonin.
the front line defence is levels of melatonin. 

meanwhile i am having a strange moment. i purchased a bag of books, specifically one on colour, one on a mental yoga and several novels which i threw into my car in a large bag. the next night i began searching for the bag. i look all over mission control, search the car but to no avail. it's a mystery but as i fall asleep to a you tube video of jorden peterson talking about some kind of jungian psychology, the night envelopes me and i must have fallen into slumber. i wake up several times, the video still playing, it's very long, and i'm now convinced someone must have taken the bag off books from my car.
i begin to feel angry and disappointed in myself. i tried to go back to sleep but i was so angry it became difficult, eventually i did. now, in my dreams jorden starts telling me to take responsibility and not to jump to conclusions, he talks a lot about how dreams and reality overlap and then when i awake in the morning i wonder if i dreamt my books are missing. so i go search and find them immediately. i head to the surf to clear my head.
two hours later i am listening to an interview with charlie kauffmen, whom has just written a novel. the interview is great and suddenly the interviewer says, 'charlie your book is filled with dreams and often i couldn't tell what bits were the dreams and what was actually happening to the protagonist. then i myself started to dream about the book.'

as far as books go i'm halfway through ubo by steve rasnic tem, a sort of alien abduction type story where the experiments are actually quite bizarre. subjects are sent back in time into the bodies of various 'evil' historical individuals. when they return into their prisoner consciousness, they are all traumatised to some level as you would be, and slowly they attempt to understand what the purpose of these experiments are. and also who they are. interesting, and i'm getting a bit of a history lesson in stalin, himmler and various other nutjobs, not light reading at all.